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2019 President's Message

Carnarvon Families,

Welcome to a new year for Carnarvon Ball Club!  If you are new to the Club, I would like to welcome you to our all-volunteer run organization, we know that your family will enjoy a safe and fun sporting opportunity.  For our returning families, thank you for continuing to spread the word about the many programs we offer.

Today marks an important time of the year for me and the Carnarvon Ball Club.

It's the start of registration for the 2019 playing season for Softball and Baseball. The club is in full swing of Softball and Baseball winter clinics, and the girl's night league basketball is back at it for the 2nd stage of their season.

This is my 5th year as President, and it will be my last year serving this great Club. As a grassroots community program, we strive to deliver a safe and happy experience for our children. The heartbeat of this Club is kids, children, young adults, and parents. Our kids play these games for fun, to play with their friends, and to be the best they can be. Our parents who are also known as coaches are the largest asset this club has, without these people we would not have practices or games and we wouldn't have the opportunity to share life's experiences to pass along to our children.  An important reminder to our coaches... when we meet our team at the beginning of the season (the only reason we meet these kids is through the club) it is our only opportunity to teach life's opportunities outside of the sport these kids have chosen to play. You do not have to be the most knowledgeable person of the sport but you can be one of the most influential person your team members can meet. Your words mean everything - chose them wisely. The umpire always says, 'PLAY BALL' not 'WORK BALL'. This is a game, let them play it.

The Carnarvon Ball Club is positioned to use the digital age to our benefit. We have worked extremely hard to drive our data to a league management software called LeagueApps. It is now our primary database for most of our important information. The digital age is here to capture and use effectively the years and years of documents that have been stored, used, shared or kept in our minds. The current board is working toward keeping and maintaining our 'institutional knowledge' so we do not recreate the wheel when passing on the roles and duties and responsibilities of volunteer positions, and it will be a smooth transition.

It gives me great pleasure to say my 5 years at Carnarvon has been extremely memorable. I want express my sincerest gratitude about the people whom I have worked closely with, the people I admire, the very people who have coached my own children (3 out of my 4 kids played at Carnarvon) you all have impacted me in many ways and I can not thank you enough. I trust the Board to continue to deliver their best, and I also trust the parents of this club to keep supporting through countless hours of volunteering.

In closing, I would like to share my story for what I believe is a 'circle of friends / community'.

I played against the Allenby and Fireman's parks when I played Little League at Beacon Hill. I played baseball at Carnarvon when it was known as Pony baseball. I also played at Henderson Park in a league known as Sr. Babe Ruth. Well, things or organizational names have changed since I played but it's still about the kids and will always be that way. I've been a coach at Carnarvon, a board member, and soon to be - yet to be named - another role within Carnarvon.

My belief is we should continue to support grassroots programs in our communities. We should support sharing from our own experiences to our children's experiences, helping them to be a part of something that gives them lifelong friendships, memories, experiences, and opportunities. This is what I believe - a circle of friends that grows and fosters our children's dreams, and as parents, that we always encourage and promote healthy and prosperous ways for developing our children.

I am Truly,

Marty Hall


Carnarvon Ball Club

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