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2018 SVI Fastball U10 Tier 1 District Tournament June 22-24 Fireman's Park

Come cheer on Carnarvon's two Tier 1 U10 Teams, the Panthers and Outlaws this weekend at Fireman's Park as they take on teams from South Vancouver Island in the 2018 SVI U10 Tier 1 District Tournament sponsored by Canpro Construction. The Concession will be open all weekend!

SVI Fastball U10 Tier 1 District Final Info

Team Draw 

A random draw was done to determine which # each team was assigned.  One team is required to play 4 games in the Round Robin because there are 9 teams.  Cordova Bay drew the team # that has 4 games.  Cordova Bay will have all 4 scores divided by 3 to determine their rank for Elimination Round.

Team # Team Name

1 Langford (Perry)

2 Carn. Outlaws (Hawkins)

3 Sooke 

4 Carn. Panthers (Rogers)

5 View Royal

6 Cordova Bay 

7 Lakehill

8 Duncan

9 Langford (Wilson)

3 Game "Round Robin" Friday June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd

The home team will be determined by a coin toss 5 min. before game starts. For Round Robin games, no new innings after 1 hr 15 min. Hard stop at 1 hr 45 min.  The incomplete inning will not be used to rank teams for the Elimination Round.
9 Team/14 Game Schedule            
Gm # Team # Team Name vs. Team # Team Name Date Time Diamond
1 6 Cordova Bay  vs. 2 Carn. Outlaws (Hawkins) Friday June 22 6:30 PM Upper 
2 4 Carn. Panthers (Rogers) vs. 5 View Royal Friday June 22 6:30 PM Lower
3 9 Langford (Wilson) vs. 1 Langford (Perry) Saturday June 23 8:00 AM Upper 
4 2 Carn. Outlaws (Hawkins) vs. 7 Lakehill Saturday June 23 9:00 AM Lower
5 3 Sooke  vs. 6 Cordova Bay  Saturday June 23 9:45 AM Upper 
6 8 Duncan vs. 9 Langford (Wilson) Saturday June 23 10:45 AM Lower
7 4 Carn. Panthers (Rogers) vs. 7 Lakehill Saturday June 23 11:30 am Upper 
8 5 View Royal vs. 3 Sooke  Saturday June 23 12:30 pm Lower
9 1 Langford (Perry) vs. 8 Duncan Saturday June 23 1:15 PM Upper 
10 2 Carn. Outlaws (Hawkins) vs. 9 Langford (Wilson) Saturday June 23 2:15 PM Lower
11 5 View Royal vs. 6 Cordova Bay  Saturday June 23 3:00 PM Upper 
12 3 Sooke  vs. 8 Duncan Saturday June 23 4:00 PM Lower
13 7 Lakehill vs. 1 Langford (Perry) Saturday June 23 4:45 PM Upper 
14 6 Cordova Bay  vs. 4 Carn. Panthers (Rogers) Saturday June 23 5:45 PM Lower



Fireman's Park - 1703 Monterey Avenue  - Upper and Lower Diamonds

Tournament Format 3-4 Game "Round Robin," then a 9 Team Seeded Single Elimination. 4 game min., 8 game max.

Concession Duties One volunteer per team required to work in concession during some games (schedule TBD).

Concession duty may be during your team's game or during the game before or after.

Concession volunteers may "split the shift" to ensure no parent misses an entire game. 

Field Duties
One volunteer per team required to help refresh diamonds in between games (schedule TBD).

Medal Presentation Sunday after the Gold Medal game is finished (approx. 6:30 PM)

Tournament Fee Cheque for $100 per team payable to "Carnarvon Ball Club"

Elimination Round - Sun June 24th (Changes highlighted)

Games P1-P5: No new innings after 1 hr 15 min

Games P6-P9: No new innings aftr 1 hr 30 min.  Extra innings if tied.

All medals will be presented after the Gold Medal game is finished (approx. 6:30 PM)

9 Team Single Elimination        

Gm #   Away Team @ Home Team Time Diamond

P1   9th @ 8th 9:00 am Upper 

P2 Quarter Final 5th @ 4th 12:30 pm Upper 

P3 Quarter Final 7th @ 2nd 10:45 am Lower

P4 Quarter Final 6th @ 3rd 12:30 pm Lower

P5 Quarter Final Winner Game P1 @ 1st 10:45 am Upper 

P6 Semi Final Winner Game P5 @ Winner Game P2 2:15 pm Lower

P7 Semi Final Winner Game P4 @ Winner Game P3 2:15 pm Upper 

P8 Bronze Medal Match Loser Game P6 @ Loser Game P7 4:15 pm Lower

P9 Gold Medal Match Winner Game P6 @ Winner Game P7 4:30 pm Upper 

Tournament Rules

  • SVI U10 Tier 1 Rules apply
  • Only Coaches who are rostered with Softball BC may be on the field of play, including warm-up. 
  • All Coaches must remain in the dugouts during defensive innings. No Coaches are allowed on the field during defensive innings.
  • Teams to supply their own Scorekeepers; home team is the official Scorekeeper.
  • Anyone warming-up a pitcher must have a face mask on, including Coaches. 
  • Only 3-5 warm-up pitches per inning to try to stay on schedule.
  • Pitchers must start their pitches from the rubber.
  • Pitchers may pitch 2 innings, not necessarily consecutively. If the game goes over 4 innings, a pitcher may come back into the game for one more inning. 3 innings pitched is maximum.
  • No player can sit-out more than one consecutive inning. Coaches to ensure that every player sits out one inning before any player sits out two.
  • No Player is permitted to play in the same position for more than three innings per game.
  • Runners are entitled to advance with liability to be put out once the ball leaves the pitcherÃ??Ã?¢??s hand.
  • No stealing on the throwback to the pitcher at the end of the play.
  • If a batter receives a base on balls, they may attempt to go to 2nd base on a pass ball from that ball 4 pitch.  Still just the ONE stolen base per pitch. 
  • Players may not steal additional bases on a throw from the catcher to a base. This is to encourage catchers and infielders to practice defensive plays for stolen bases but not be penalized by bad throws or errors by their teammates.
  • No maximum extra bases on a batted ball in play.
  • When the catcher is on base with two outs. The catcher is to be replaced as a base runner by the last player recorded as an out. This is to speed up the play and turnover between half innings.
  • A batted ball that crosses the chalkline before it touches the ground will be considered a Home Run.  If a batted ball rolls over the chalkline, it will be considered a ground rule double.

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