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11U Baseball

Age Requirements:

11U is for players born in 2011 and 2012.

We anticipate having 6 teams in the division. The season will start at the beginning of April and run to the end of June with playoffs starting in mid-June. Teams vie for the City Championship in full player-pitched games.

You can expect your child's team to be on the field 3x per week; two practices and one game. This division plays an interlocked season with other Greater Victoria Baseball Association parks - Gordon Head, Triangle, Peninsula and Esquimalt. As a result, game slots and frequency will not be consistent on a weekly basis. Coaches will select game slots at a pre-season scheduling meeting and will inform families once the teams have been selected.

Gear Requirements:

Your child will receive a team t-shirt, socks and a Carnarvon Ball Club hat on the first day of the season. This is their uniform, so please ensure that they wear it for each game. They will also need a batting helmet, glove, grey baseball pants and an athletic support. Baseball cleats are not mandatory, but most children wear them at this level (soccer cleats are okay!). Please ensure that you mark your child's name in everything. A white label or masking tape works well on the outside of the batting helmet and handwritten on labels in shirts, glove and hats.


Attendance at assessments is mandatory. Our goal in doing assessments (at all levels) is to ensure that we have balanced teams within the division and thus, a more competitive league. Having equal and balanced teams also makes playing the game much more fun!


Players are assigned a total score based on their assessment; these are used in selecting the teams.

Important Dates: 

Baseball Calendar

11U Prospects Team and Fees:

The Prospects team is intended for players that are interested in playing more competitive baseball. The schedule will run concurrently with the regular season with games played on Sundays from mid-April through May.

Sign-up information will be sent separately for this opportunity and team selection will be based on spring assessments.


If your player is chosen to play on a Prospects team, a new registration fee will be generated and sent to you by email (from our online store) for registration of your player on the Prospects team. These nominal fees will cover additional costs incurred for field usage, umpires and uniforms.

Summer Ball:

11U Summer Ball consists of three levels. Players can try out for city-wide assessments for A, AA, and AAA teams to represent Victoria at tournaments, Island Zones and Provincials.

Field Prep:

Near the start of the season we will have our annual pre-season field preparation day. The more hands available to help, the more efficiently the work will get done.


The league is run entirely by volunteers, coaches included! It is our goal to have a minimum of 2 coaches per team with 2 parent helpers (to help out at practices and games) and 1 Team Business Manager (to send email communications on behalf of the coaches) for each team at this level.

Each team will ultimately determine how they would like to structure their coaching staff, but the following is a rough guideline of what is entailed with each role:

Head Coach/Manager (1):

Assistant Coach (1):

  • Must submit a criminal record check prior to the start of the season.  Follow these instructions:
  • Must complete an online NCCP Level 1 coaching certification (cost to be reimbursed by the association):
  • Attend every practice and game
  • Assist with practices, drills
  • Run warm-ups
  • Base coaching and/or running the pitching machine

Team Business Manager (1):

  • Organize team volunteers for field prep and score-keeping
  • Liaise with Head Coach/Manager for team communication
  • Collect player availability for practices and games

 Parent Helper (2):

  • This is not an official coaching role, does not require a criminal record check and you will not get the glory of wearing a coaches shirt...but you will be greatly appreciated by parents, kids and coaches.
  • Involves bringing your glove and helping out at all practices and games.

Parent involvement:

ALL families are required to assist with team duties. These duties consist of score-keeping, field prep and field marshal at ALL SIX regular season home games in addition to concession duties. Don't worry! We will provide training opportunities for these duties, so no advanced experience is required.

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