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Executive/Club Wide Positions

Below is a list of our current Executive/Club-Wide volunteer positions at Carnarvon Ball Club. If you are interested in joining our Board - or if you have a particular skill you would like to contribute to the Club - please sign up below:  

Club-wide Admin Volunteer Positions

Facilities Maintenance Volunteer Positions - All Parks

Opening & Closing Ceremonies Volunteer Positions

President Marty Hall
Secretary Kylene Beals
Treasurer Cristian Hoshizaki
VP, Softball Dave Ross
VP, Senior Baseball (U13 PeeWee,
U15 Bantam, U18 Midget & SIBL)
Maureen Cain
VP, Junior Baseball (U9 Tadpole & U11 Mosquito Jaymie Humber
VP, Mini Baseball (U7 T-ball & U5 Blastball) Vacant (new position)
VP, Basketball Lisa Rogers

General commitment for Executive volunteer positions:  1 2-hour meeting per month throughout the year in order to oversee the Club's programs, finances, player development and strategic planning. 

Reward:  You get to work with a great group of people who are trying really hard to develop positive programs that instill a love for baseball and softball in our kids! 

CLUB-WIDE VOLUNTEER POSITIONS Responsibilities may include:
Website Managers (3) David Godfrey (Baseball),
Dave Ross
Lisa Rogers (Basketball)
Assist with website updates on an as-needed basis.
Assistant Treasurer Jenna Fukashima Helps the Treasurer write cheques, track invoices and collect mail from the PO Box.
Sponsorship Coordinator Jeremi Burrows Help us connect with the community! This person will help find and secure a variety of sponsors for our Club's programs. 
Sponsorship Assistants (2) VACANT Help the Sponsorship Director with collecting logos from secured sponsors, arranging for the sponsorship banner printing and also help with other tasks as necessary. 
Field Permit Coordinator VACANT Works with the Club to submit and handle the field permit request paperwork for Oak Bay and Saanich prior to the season start (Jan / Feb for Spring Ball; July / Aug for Fall Ball)
Communications Manager VACANT Manages the club email distribution lists; prepares emails (with direction from the Board) and sends them out in a timely fashion.
Newsletter Coordinator VACANT "Make Carnarvon irresistible and something people want to celebrate!"  Works with Communications Manager to create regular e-news with highlights from season play, photos and upcoming events/ dates.
Public Relations Coordinator VACANT Creates flyers for schools to help with recruitment, upkeep bulletin board spaces at the parks with fundraising information, newsletters and other fun facts about Carnarvon.
Public Relations Assistant VACANT Helps us spread the word about our Club and distribute posters / flyers to schools, community centers.
Oak Bay Tea Party Parade Organizer VACANT Coordinate Carnarvon's participation on the Oak Bay Tea Party Parade and recruit families to join the parade!
Social Media Coordinator Mollie Sullivan Develops this position and the Club's presence on social media.
Media Liaison (2 - Baseball; Softball) VACANT Works with all coaching staff & Executive to promote successes (and events such as opening and closing ceremonies and other tournaments as applicable) to local media such as Oak Bay News. Also works with newsletter coordinator to gather material.
Graphic Designer VACANT Creates flyers / posters for distribution in schools; may also create templates for various forms and other projects on an as-needed basis as determined by the Executive.
Photographer Michelle Cox Take photos throughout the season and help the Club set up and maintain a photo library that we can use in website and other PR.  
Photo organizer VACANT Works with photographer to maintain the photo release consents and the photo files. Also prints out photos as applicable and arranges to have them posted on bulletin boards at parks.
Videographer VACANT Help the Executive develop training videos, such as field prep and other videos as time allows.
Archivist / Records Management Coordinator VACANT Help the Club maintain our papers from the past and into the future!  Work with the Board to develop an efficient system for keeping Board minutes, notes and other important information. New position so open to wherever someone can take it!
Alumni Program Organizer VACANT Would you like to help the Club connect to our Alumni? This is a program we are interested in developing, so feel free to develop it as you see fit.
Years of Service Volunteer Recognition Program Coordinator VACANT The Club would like to develop a solid volunteer recognition incentive program, and we need someone to lead it and inspire all with creative ideas!
Youth Council Coordinator VACANT Start up the "CBCYC" - Carnarvon Ball Club Youth Council.  Liaise with youth members and Executive; provide guidance and support for the members as they develop ideas for the Club. 
Online Store Manager VACANT Helps the Club create an online store that will enable us to sell cool Carnarvon gear!
Opening Day Ceremonies Committee (3) VACANT Mark your calendars!  Opening Ceremonies will be on April 14, 2019, 10:00 am at Carnarvon Park
Swap 'n' Shop Coordinators (3) VACANT Organize a swap n' shop event at opening ceremonies or assessment day, including promotion of the idea / event. This is a chance for families to find and trade for gently-used cleats and pants and other gear in preparation for the season.
Closing Day Ceremonies Committee (2) VACANT
Mark your calendars!  Closing Ceremonies will be on June 23, 2019 (time TBD) at Allenby Park.
Lost & Found Coordinator VACANT Works with the webmaster to create a section on the website for lost and found items; organizes Lost & Found displays at closing ceremonies and otherwise attempts to get lost items back to their rightful owners (at all of our parks including Fireman's, Allenby, Henderson and Carnarvon).
End-of-Season Medal Coordinator (for ALL Divisions) VACANT Places order for medals and arranges trophy engraving. Works with other division medal coordinators to collect nominations for awards and merits and arrange for distribution at closing ceremonies.

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