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FAQ Page

Welcome to the Carnarvon Ball Club FAQ Page!

Are there any organizations that offer grants to support my child's participation in Softball or Baseball?

Yes!  We are aware of two programs that offer financial assistance for children to participate in sports. 

Kids Sport

Athletics 4 Kids

You will need to consult each website to determine your eligibility.

My child is quite talented in baseball and would like to "play up" in the next level. Is this possible?

We recognize there may be some circumstances that warrant a child to play up from his / her regular division. Please be aware that the Club's first priority is the safety of all players. As such, these requests are taken very seriously.

No play-ups are allowed between Blastball and T-ball. 

If your player would like to play up in any other division, please register your child for the division that corresponds with their birth year. Then, make a request to the coordinator of the division in which they wish to "play up."  Please be aware that each player requesting to play-up must be assessed and will only be invited to participate in the division up if it is warranted by their assessed skill level and if space is available in the division. 

Again, these decisions are made once all of-age children (based on birth year) have been registered and placed on a team. Play-ups will only be granted based on available space and ability of the child.

How do I register as a Coach?

Thank you for volunteering as a Coach!

In order to register yourself - please:

1. Click on the Registration bar at the top menu.

2. Click on the sport you wish to coach (Baseball or Softball)

3. You will see in the instructions that you will have to register yourself as "Staff."

4. Scroll to the bottom to of this page and select the division you wish to coach.

5. Log in to your account and follow the registration instructions from there.

6. Don't forget to complete your Criminal Record Check - you will need this before you can begin coaching. Information is found here.

I am attempting to register my child but the website keeps sending me in a loop and doesnâ??t seem to be working. What can I do?

We recommend that you either try a different browser or clear your cookies/cache. Please be patient as we work out the kinks in our new registration system. 

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