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Baseball Overview

Spring Ball

Spring Ball is the biggest and busiest season for Carnarvon Ball Club.

  • Runs from the beginning of April to the end of June.
  • Divisions available for all ages, starting at age 4.
  • All levels of experience and ability encouraged and welcome.
  • Focus is on developing skill and having fun through practices and games.
  • Player assessments are required for Tadpole players and older. Assessments are used to create balanced teams.
  • In some divisions, teams compete for a park championship trophy at the end of the season.
  • In some divisions, park championship teams compete against other Greater Victoria park championship teams for a city championship trophy.
  • Registration for Spring Ball usually opens mid-January.

Prospects Baseball: Prospects, available at the Mosquito and PeeWee levels only, is designed to give more experienced players an opportunity to compete against similarly experienced players during the Spring season. Prospect teams typically play on Sundays (against other Greater Victoria Prospects teams) and do not have practices. Carnarvon may field one or more prospects teams per division at the discretion of the division coordinator and Carnarvon Executive. Players are selected/invited to play Prospects based on their Spring assessment scores and/or from scheduled prospects' tryouts.

Summer Ball

  • Runs roughly from the end of June to the beginning of August.
  • Not available for Blastball and T-Ball.
  • Players from all the baseball associations in Greater Victoria tryout to make citywide teams. Currently, these teams play under the Eagles name/banner.
  • Divisions may include AAA, AA and/or A teams. Sometimes divisions will have Tier 1 and Tier 2 subdivisions.
  • Summer Ball teams play against other teams on the Island and in the Lower Mainland and beyond.
  • Summer Ball is the highest level of baseball offered in BC Minor Baseball, typically culminating in a Provincial Championship tournament for most of the divisions. PeeWee and Bantam provincial champions ultimately compete for the Canadian Championship.
  • Summer Ball requires a high level of player and parent commitment.
  • Expect lots of practice, doubleheaders, fundraising, ferry travel, hotels, great baseball and more.

Tadpole: For Tadpole Summer Ball, players from Carnarvon tryout to make a Carnarvon Summer Ball team known as the Carnarvon Cannons. This team plays other top teams on the Island. The season ends in an Island-wide, regional tournament.

Fall Ball

Carnarvon offers Fall Ball for most divisions.

  • Runs roughly from the beginning of September to the end of October.
  • Carnarvon teams play against each other as well as other teams in Greater Victoria.
  • No practices.
  • Fall ball is all about having fun and gaining more experience at the same time.
  • Players often use Fall Ball as an opportunity to break-in a new glove, try a bigger bat, work on a new pitch, etc.
  • Registration for Fall Ball usually opens early- to mid-August.

Winter Ball

  • Runs roughly from the beginning of November to the end of March.
  • No leagues or divisions run in Greater Victoria, but several companies offer winter clinics for player development. Generally, clinics are offered once per week in an indoor space like the ISF at Oak Bay Rec. Winter clinics usually begin in January and run until mid March.
  • Registration for Winter clinics usually opens early- to mid-December.

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