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Baseball Volunteer Positions


Below is a list of our current Baseball Volunteer needs at Carnarvon Ball Club. If you have one player in Baseball and another player in Softball, you can volunteer in either program. Only one Volunteer Position is needed per family.

Have a look at the list of Baseball positions below and see what interests you. Please email: and let us know what position you would like to play!

Please NOTE:  We are offering one FREE player registration (this season) to the person interested in the Baseball Registrar position. Email above - this could be you! 

Commitment:  2-4 hours per week during the season; These positions are generally computer-based. You will be able to work from the comfort of your own home! Busy times for the registrars are during registration periods (Jan-March for Spring Ball; July-August for Fall Ball) when you will need to provide excellent customer service to our ball families.

  • Assistant Treasurer - VACANT
  • Helps the Treasurer write cheques, track invoices, and collect mail from the PO Box.
  • Volunteer Coordinators (1 per Division) - VACANT
    This person encourages families to volunteer and helps find a good role to match their skills. You can help the Carnarvon Board recruit and place volunteers at a variety of one-off events. The volunteer program is new, so help us develop it; this may include creating volunteer appreciation events! 
  • Baseball Registrar  - VACANT
  • Communications Coordinator - Donna Petrie
  • Director for Baseball Operations - VACANT
  • Scheduler (Junior Baseball) - Jacqueline Lines
  • Scheduler (Mini Baseball) - VACANT
  • Coaches Liaison (NCCP # and CRC'S) - Peter Lagan
  • Uniform Coordinator Assistant - VACANT
  • Webmaster - VACANT 
  • Newsletter Editor - VACANT

Division Specific Volunteer Opportunities:

Commitment:  1-4 hours per week before and during the spring and fall seasons. These positions work with their respective Board representative to ensure effective management and coordination of each Division.  Reward: These positions offer the best way to get to know the many Carnarvon families and players!

Division Coordinators act as a liaison between the Club and the families who have registered children in each respective division. The Equipment Manager works with the Coaches to distribute and track equipment throughout the season. The Field Coordinators schedule the field work prep parties at the beginning and end of the season and alert the Executive regarding any major needs at our fields. Must have a knowledge of proper field maintenance - or be willing to attend a training. Schedulers work with their respective Board representative and plan out the schedule for the season; also help coaches with practice schedules when necessary.

  • U5 (Blastball) Division Coordinator - VACANT
  • U5 (Blastball) Division Equipment Manager - VACANT
  • U7 (Tball) Division Coordinator - VACANT
  • U7 (Tball) Division Equipment Manager - VACANT
  • U9 (Tadpole) Division Coordinator - Krista Henry
  • U11 (Mosquito) Division Coordinator - Lynne Corsi
  • U9 & U11 (Junior) Division Equipment Manager - Myles Takacs
  • U13 (Pee Wee) Coordinator & Scheduler - Eric Chang
  • U15 (Bantam) Coordinator & Scheduler - VACANT
  • U18 (Midget) Coordinator (Henderson) - John Martin
  • Junior Men's (SIBL) Coordinator - Jonathan Brereton
  • U13 / U15 / U18 (Senior) Division Equipment Manager - Paul Gray
  • U5 / U7 (Mini) Division Field Coordinator (Windsor / Maynard) - VACANT
  • U9 (Tadpole) Division Field Coordinator (Lower Fireman's) - VACANT
  • U11 (Mosquito) Division Field Coordinator (Allenby) - VACANT
  • U13 (PeeWee) Division Field Coordinator (Carnarvon) - VACANT
  • U15 (Bantam) Division Field Coordinator (Carnarvon) - VACANT
  • U18 (Midget) Division Field Coordinator (Henderson) - VACANT
  • Facilities Manager - Dwayne Melanson
  • Batting Cage Maintenance Manager (Fireman's) - Lee Logan
  • Batting Cage Maintenance Manager (Carnarvon) - VACANT
  • Batting Cage Maintenance Manager (Allenby) - VACANT
  • Batting Cage Maintenance Manager (Henderson) - VACANT
  • Umpire in Chief - VACANT
  • Umpire Development Committee Representative for GVBA - VACANT

Team Related Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Head Coach (1 per team; each Division) - VACANT
  • Assistant Coach (1 per team; each Division) - VACANT
  • Parent Helpers (1 per team; Junior Division) - VACANT
  • This person consistently helps coaches at practices and games with dugout supervision and other duties as required.
  • Parent Helpers (2 per team; Mini Division) - VACANT
  • Team Manager / Parent Liaison (1 per team; each Division) - VACANT 
  • This person handles administrative duties for the team/coaches, including sending practice and game reminders to families and assigning families for their scorekeeping and field prep duties at games. 
  • Field Marshall (1 per team; each Division) - VACANT
  • Field Marshalls must be willing to go through a training at the beginning of the season and agree to serve as a Field Marshall during your team's games. The Field Marshall is there only to support the junior umpires and is not to overturn any of the umpire's rulings.
  • Please note that all families are also required to participate in their assigned Team Volunteer Duties, such as scorekeeping, Field Prep (before and after games).

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Opening Day Event Committee (3) - VACANT
  • Closing Day Event Committee (3) - VACANT
  • Field Prep Work Party Coordinator - Fireman's (3) - VACANT
  • Field Prep Work Party Coordinator - Allenby (1) - VACANT
  • Picture Day Coordinator (1 per division) - VACANT
  • End-of-Season Medal coordinator (1 per division) - VACANT
  • Videographer - VACANT
  • Photographer- VACANT
  • Lost & Found Coordinator - VACANT
  • Swap & Shop Coordinator (at opening and closing ceremonies) - VACANT
  • Blastball Practice Plan Coordinator - VACANT
  • T-ball Practice Plan Coordinator - VACANT
  • Equipment Inventory Systems Coordinator - VACANT

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