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Welcome to Carnarvon Basketball!

What is Night League Basketball?

Victoria Night League ( is a community basketball league with 1500+ players from several different clubs, including Carnarvon Basketball. Night league consists of one game and one practice per week from September - February. U-11 games are 4v4 and U-13+ games are 5v5. 

Whether the teams are recreational or highly competitive, Night League tiers and re-tiers teams throughout the season so each can play other teams at a similar skill-level and have a great time.

Team Composition

    U-11 - Carnarvon teams are based loosely on friend groupings and returning teams (or partial teams) in order to get our youngest players participating in the game. There are no Assessments for the U11 Division. Friend requests can be made at the time of registration.

    U-13+ - Carnarvon teams are determined by Assessments. Assessments are NOT "tryouts." Unlike tryouts, no player will left without a team to play on. While friend requests may still be considered at U13+, only friends with similar skill-development, aggressiveness and athleticism, will be placed on the same team. U-13 & U-15 divisions have 5+ tiers and placing a highly-skilled, ultra-competitive player on a low-tier team does not support the long-term athletic development of the competitive players. Equally, placing a lower-skilled player on a highly competitive team could lead to injury and frustration for all players on the team. Assessments are usually held in late August or early September.

    • U-11 teams - 8-10 players
    • U-13 teams - 8-12 players
    • U-15 & U-18 teams - 8-12 players


    2022/23 Assessments are only for U13 (2010 & 2011) and U15 (2008 &2009). There are no assessments for U11 (2012 & 2013) or U18 (2007, 2006 & 2005). 

    Assessments will determine team/program placement. Every player will be assigned a Night League team, while only a few will be invited to participate in Carnarvon Selects. 

    All U13/15 players to attend at least 2 of the 4 sessions to ensure appropriate team placement. Players may attend all Assessment sessions for their age group. Players with competitive aspirations should attend ALL Assessment sessions. If you are a competitive player and you cannot attend all 4 Assessment sessions, please email Rob Wighton at to let him know which session(s) your player will miss.

    Waitlisted players are welcome to attend Assessments., but we cannot guarantee a spot on a team yet.

    Bring your own basketball and a large water bottle to Assessments. Basketball shoes/high tops are recommended. Long hair must be tied back and no jewelry can be worn while playing (including earrings, studs, watches, friendship bracelets etc). Please remove these at home, so they don't get misplaced.

    Assessment dates and times are as follows:

    Saturday Sep 10th2-3 pm 2011s3-4 pm 2010s4-5 pm 2009s5-6 pm 2008s

    Sunday Sep 11th10-11 am 2010s11-noon 2009snoon-1 pm 2008s1-2 pm 2011s

    Saturday Sep 17th2-3 pm 2009s3-4 pm 2008s4-5 pm 2011s5-6 pm 2010s

    Sunday Sep 18th10-11 am 2008s11-noon 2011snoon-1 pm 2010s1-2 pm 2009s

    What are Carnarvon Drills and Skills Sessions?

    Drills and Skills are once per week 60-minute fundament skills training sessions. One block is a U11 group, giving our youngest and/or newest players the opportunity to learn the game, develop skills and gain confidence, while the other group is for beginner or experienced U13/15 players.

    All Drills and Skills sessions are led by our Technical Director Rob Wighton with support from Night League team and Selects coaches. 

    In 2022/23, Drills and Skills are offered on Sunday at Lansdowne Middle School, as follows:

    • U11 Drills and Skills - 4-5pm
    • U13/15 Drills and Skills - 12noon-1pm

    What is the Carnarvon Selects Program?

    New in 2022/23, Carnarvon Basketball is offering Carnarvon Selects, which includes accelerated skill development and travel team opportunities for Grade 6-9 in the Fall (Sept - Dec) and Spring (Mar - July) - depending on coach availability. We may also offer Grade 10-12 travel ball opportunities (contact Rob if you are interested in finding out more).  

    Carnarvon Selects attend extra training sessions and camps, participate in local spring and fall leagues, play exhibition games and attend tournaments on the mainland.

    Participation in Carnarvon Selects is by invitation only. To be eligible for Selects, players must be registered for Drills and Skills, be on a Carnarvon Night League and attend U13/15 Assessments (some exceptions apply).

    If you are interested playing on or coaching a Spring or Fall Local Team or Travel Team  or want more information, please email Rob Wighton at

    What are the Uniform Requirements?

    The Online Store is open until mid-September at

    Night League:

    For games, players are required to wear:

    • Reversible Carnarvon Jersey. It must be returned at the end of the season. Each player will need to provide a refundable 50 dollar Jersey Deposit Cheque payable to Carnarvon Ball Club and post-dated to March 1.
    • Plain white T-shirt under the jersey -
    • Long black basketball-style shorts. No "short shorts", logos, stripes etc 

    Drills & Skills / Learn to Play Basketball - A jersey is not included. A personal basketball is required for Drills & Skills sessions - size 5 for U11 and size 6 for U13+

    Local and Travel Teams: Information will be provided by your Spring/Fall Coach

    **Recommended for All Players:

    • Carnarvon Hoodie
    • High-top Basketball shoes
    • Large water bottle (32 oz)

    What is the Refund Policy?

    For Night League: A partial refund (less 75 dollars) will be given if e-mail notification of withdrawal is provided before or within 48 hours of the Team Practice schedule release date.

    No refunds will be given 48 hours after the practice schedule release date onwards, except for medical reasons.  A doctor's note must be provided.

    No refunds or exchanges on Carnarvon Basketball Spirit Wear/ Fan Apparel at any time.

    For Drills and Skills: Before the end of October, a 50% refund for medical reasons. A doctor's note must be provided.  After Nov 1, no refunds will be provided.

    For Travel Teams: Refunds considered on a case-by-case basis.

    Can boys register for Carnarvon Basketball?

    Carnarvon Basketball is for girls only.  Bay Nation ( offers basketball registration for boys.  Bay Nation has no affiliation with Carnarvon Ball Club.  If you are unable to register your son in Bay Nation for any reason,  please contact

    What are the Volunteer Opportunities?

    Carnarvon Ball Club is a parent-run, community-based, non-profit organization. We are not a company - we are simply a group of busy parents who volunteer to provide sports opportunities for our kids.  Here is the list of positions:

    • Vice President, Carnarvon Ball Club , Basketball / Board Member - Paul Kulpas
    • Outgoing Vice-President, Carnarvon Ball Club, Basketball / Board Member - Lisa Rogers
    • Technical Director - Rob Wighton
    • Registrar - Kelly Gorman
    • Scheduler - Rob Wighton
    • Equipment Coordinator - Alison Dormuth
    • Uniform Coordinator - Kirsten Pizarro
    • Event Coordinator (Season Launch, Photos) - VACANT
    • Sponsorship Coordinator - Tim Janzen
    • Social Media -VACANT

    There are also two coaches per team. All remaining families are expected to score keep for Night League games on rotation.

    The program needs you! 

    Please volunteer for one of the roles listed above. To find out more information about coaching or other volunteer positions, please contact Lisa Rogers at  

    Is KidSport funding available?

    Carnarvon Basketball programs are eligible for KidSport funding. For details on how to apply, go to

    Can I Sponsor Carnarvon Basketball?

    Carnarvon Basketball is in need of corporate sponsorship for the Basketball Program. Sponsorships of any amount are greatly appreciated and it all goes to the kids. 

    If your company is interested in sponsoring a team, a division or the entire program, please contact

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