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Welcome to Carnarvon Basketball!

Registration is closed for the 2019/20 season.  Registration will re-open for 2020/21 in June 2020.

In 2019/20, Carnarvon Basketball had 12 teams.  We also had a Learn to Play Basketball program on Saturdays (see below for more info)

2019/20 Carnarvon Basketball - Summary (Updated: Sept 26, 2019)
Division Team # Team Birthyear Usual Game Night Practice Night Practice Time Practice Location Spaces Available?
U-11 1 Carnarvon Crushers 2009 Thurs  Monday 6-7pm Sir James Douglas FULL
U-11 2 Carnarvon Fireballs 2010 & 2010 Thurs  Tuesday  6:30-7:30pm Richmond FULL
U-11 3 Carnarvon Orcas 2011-2010 Thurs  Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm Oaklands FULL
U-11 4 Carnarvon Gummy Bears 2010 Thurs  Tuesday  6-7pm Quadra FULL
U-11 5 Carnarvon Firecrackers 2009 Thurs  Tuesday 6-7pm Campus View FULL
U-13 6 Carnarvon Chickens 2008 & 2007 Fri Thursday 6-7pm Oaklands FULL
U-13 7 Carnarvon Comets 2009 & 2008 Fri Monday 6-7pm Quadra FULL
U-13 8 Carnarvon Road Runners 2008 Fri Tuesday  7-8pm Quadra FULL
U-13 9 Carnarvon Predatorz 2008 Fri Monday 7-8pm Quadra FULL
U-13 10 Carnarvon Storm 2007 Fri Wednesday 8-9pm Sir James Douglas FULL
U-13 11 Carnarvon Golden Eagles 2007 Fri Thursday 7-8pm Hillcrest FULL
U-15 12 Carnarvon Hot Shots 2006 & 2005 Fri Monday 8-9pm Sir James Douglas FULL

WHAT'S NEW in 2019/20?

NEW Saturday Skills Sessions - Optional, weekly Basketball Skills Sessions on Saturday afternoons for all players rostered on a Carnarvon Basketball Night League team. Each Skills Session is approximately 80 minutes (see below for more information on the Skills Sessions).

NEW Learn to Play Basketball program - Players who are not playing on a Night League team can join our Saturday Skills session.  

Team Photos - Players will receive a Team Photo of their Night League Team as part of registration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Carnarvon Ball Club is a 100% parent-run, all volunteer, community-based, non-profit organization. We are not a company; we are simply a group of busy parents who volunteer together to provide sports opportunities for our kids. Parent coaches and team coordinators are required for each team. All parents are expected to score keep for their team and support the Club in some capacity - as needed. While we understand that your time is limited, so is ours. Carnarvon Basketball is a great fit for families who want to give their kids a chance to play Night League Basketball AND who are also willing to volunteer - just a little.There is no volunteer opt-out fee option offered for Carnarvon Basketball.

What is included in Carnarvon Basketball?

Carnarvon Basketball offers two programs:  1) our Regular Basketball Program and 2) our Learn-to-Play Basketball Program.  

The Regular Basketball Program includes membership on a Night League team (which has one game and one practice per week), plus a space in one of our Saturday Skills Sessions.  Saturday Skills Sessions support all Carnarvon Basketball Night League Team players to develop fundamental basketball skills in a larger group format. 

The Learn-to-Play Program only includes the Saturday Skills Sessions.

The Skills Sessions will be delivered by Rob Wighton, Technical Coordinator, Carnarvon Basketball, along with the support of Team Coaches. 

The dates and locations for the 18 Saturday Skills Sessions are:

21-Sep Central  
28-Sep Central  

19-Oct Central  
26-Oct Lansdowne
2-Nov Lansdowne
16-Nov Lansdowne
23-Nov Lansdowne
30-Nov Lansdowne
7-Dec Lansdowne
14-Dec Lansdowne
11-Jan Lansdowne
18-Jan Lansdowne
25-Jan Lansdowne
1-Feb Lansdowne
8-Feb Lansdowne
22-Feb Lansdowne
29-Feb Lansdowne

Each player will be initially assigned to the Red, White or Black Saturday Skills Group.  All 2009 and 2010 players have been initially assigned to White Group.  All other players will be assigned to a group based on the outcome of Assessments.  

  • White Group -   1:00 - 2:20 pm (All 2009 and 2010 players have been initially assigned to White Group
  • Red Group - 2:20 - 3:40 pm
  • Black Group  - 3:40 - 5:00 pm 

Depending on each player's skill

development over the course of the season, players may be invited to move from

one Group to another Group.  Please contact Rob Wighton

at if you have any questions or concerns about Group assignments.  

Please bring your own basketball to the Saturday Skills Sessions (size 5 for U11 and size 6 for U13/15)

Season Launch Event  - Saturday September 14th in the afternoon at Lansdowne Middle School

When can I register? How much does it cost? Is funding available?

Night League Players

In 2019/20, the registration fees for players on teams were:

  • Early Bird (until June 30th) - 265 dollars
  • Regular (July 1st - July 31st) - 275 dollars
  • Late (Aug 1st - 16th) - 295 dollars

The registration fees included the Night League team fee (which includes gym rental for games, gym supervisor, game director and referee wages, and V&DABA administration costs), the Saturday Skills Session gym rental, the Team Practice gym rental fee, equipment costs and a Carnarvon administration fee. 

A reversible Jersey is provided by Carnarvon, which must be returned at the end of the season.  Each player will need to provide a Jersey Deposit Cheque to their coach BEFORE they receive a jersey.

Individual equipment such as the rest of the uniform (white T-shirts and long black basketball shorts), basketball (for Saturday sessions - size 5 for U11 and size 6 for U13) basketball shoes (recommended), warm-up hoodies/shirts, warm-up pants, large water bottles (32 oz), etc. are the players' responsibility.  

Learn to Play Basketball Players

The registration fee for the Learn to Play Basketball program is 100 dollars for the 18 Saturday Skills Sessions.  A jersey is not included. Learn to Play players must bring their own basketball (size 5 for U11 and size 6 for U13)

All Players

Carnarvon families can order basketball shorts, T-shirts and other Carnarvon Basketball clothing and gear through our Carnarvon Online Store.  The Online Store is open until September 23rd, 2019 at

Carnarvon Basketball programs are eligible for KidSport funding. See for details on how to apply.

How many players per Night League team? Can I make a friend request? How are teams formed?

  • U-11 teams - 8 players 
  • U-13 teams - 10 players
  • U-15 teams - 10-12 players

U-11 teams are based loosely on friend groupings and returning teams (or partial teams) in order to get our youngest players participating in the game. There are no Assessments for the U11 Division.

U-13 and U-15 teams will be determined by player's skill-level during the previous season (if they are returning players) and/or U-13/U-15 Assessments.  Assessments are NOT "Tryouts" - all registered players will be placed on a team. 

Friend requests may still be possible at U-13 and U15, but will only be considered if the friends have similar skill-development, aggressiveness and athleticism. U-13 and U-15 have 5+ tiers and placing a highly-skilled, ultra-competitive player on a low-tier team does not support the long-term athletic development of that player.  Equally, placing a lower-skilled player on a highly competitive team could lead to injury and frustration for all players on the team.  

Friend requests can be made at the time of registration. 

Assessments (U-13 and U-15 only) 

Assessments for the U-13 and U-15 were held to place players on appropriate teams and/or in to the Saturday Skills Group that is the best fit.

  • Assessments for players born in 2008 - Saturday Sept 7th from 1-3 pm Lansdowne Middle School
  • Assessment for players born in 2007, 2006 & 2005 - Saturday Sept 7th from 3-5 pm Lansdowne Middle School

If you cannot attend the designated Assessment time for your age, simply attend the other time.  If you cannot attend either Assessment, please email Rob at

There are no Assessments for players in the U-11 division (2010 & 2009).  

Can boys register?

Carnarvon Basketball is for girls only. 

Bay Nation ( offers basketball registration for boys.  Bay Nation has no affiliation with Carnarvon Ball Club.  

If you are unable to register your son in Bay Nation for any reason, or you would prefer to register an entire boys team with Carnarvon, please contact

What is Victoria and District Amateur Basketball Association ("Night League")?

Night League is a non-profit organization which has run a community basketball league in Victoria since before 1934 ( Coaches are usually parent volunteers and games are refereed by one to two certified officials from the Victoria Basketball Officials Association. The games at U-11 are 4v4 and the games at U-13 to U-18 are 5v5. Whether the teams are recreational or highly competitive, Night League adjusts the tiers throughout the season so teams can play other teams at their own skill-level and have a great time.

Night League only accepts team registrations with

coaches already in place, and this is why Carnarvon is involved. To support

individual players, small groups who want to play, Carnarvon accepts individual registrations, creates teams, arranges for uniforms and books gym times

for practices.

Carnarvon Basketball teams need volunteer parent coaches in order to

proceed to team registration. Carnarvon does not provide paid coaching services,

so please volunteer to coach and we will make it as easy as possible for you by

handling much of the administration. Some coach training is provided.  Female coaches are strongly

encouraged to coach with Carnarvon Basketball. 

If you are interested in coaching Carnarvon Basketball, please contact

What is Carnarvon Basketball's Refund Policy?

A full refund, minus a 25 dollar administration fee, will be granted if e-mail notification of withdrawal is provided within 48 hours of the Team Practice schedule release date (the practice schedule for 2019/20 was released Monday Sept 9, 2019).

Between 48 hours and 7 days after the practice schedule release date, a 50 percent refund will be granted only if Carnarvon can find a replacement player for your team from the wait list, as prices have been based on a set number of players per team. 

No refunds will be given 8 or more days after the practice schedule release date (after Monday Sept 9, 2019), except for medical reasons.  A doctor's note must be provided.

No refunds or exchanges on Carnarvon Basketball Spirit Wear/ Fan Apparel at any time.

What are the volunteer opportunities? How do I volunteer to Coach?

Carnarvon Ball Club is a 100% parent-run, all volunteer, community-based, non-profit organization. We are not a company; we are simply a group of busy parents who volunteer together to provide sports opportunities for our kids.  

For each Basketball team, there are:

  • 3 Coaches (maximum)
  • 1 Team Coordinator 
  • All remaining families are expected to score keep in a rotation

Here are the current 2019/20 Carnarvon Basketball positions (excluding Coaches):

  • Vice-President Carnarvon Ball Club/Board Member - Lisa Rogers
  • Registrar - Rob Wighton
  • Technical Coordinator - Rob Wighton
  • Uniform Coordinator - Erin Mazzoni
  • Program Finance/Accounting - Sanjay Uppal
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Steph Baird
  • Scheduler - Jeff Henderson
  • Sponsorship Coordinator (Basketball) - Sanjay Uppal
  • Uniform/Clothing Support (3 positions) - Megan Bondurant, Christine White & Noah Alexander
  • Equipment Manager - Lorne Neil
  • Equipment Support (2 positions) - Meribeth Burton, Joel Palmer
  • UVIC Half-Time Game/Mop Kids Coordinator - Tim Bradshaw

To find out more information about coaching or other volunteer positions, please contact Lisa Rogers at  

Night League is also looking for volunteers and also has some paid positions (game supervisors, gym supervisors etc).  If you are interested in volunteering or working for Night League, please contact

Thank you!

Can I sponsor a team?

Carnarvon Basketball is seeking sponsorship for the Basketball Program. Sponsorships of any amount are greatly appreciated and it all goes to the kids. 

If your company is interested in sponsoring a team, division or the entire program, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator Sanjay Uppal at

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