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Welcome to Carnarvon Basketball!

Registration for the 2019/20 season will open in June or July 2019. Registration will be offered for female players born in 2010-2005, who play in the U-11, U-13 or U-15 Divisions.  No basketball experience is necessary and players are accepted from all areas of Greater Victoria. If you have a desire to play basketball, come and play with Carnarvon Ball Club! REGISTER EARLY as spaces are limited and we completely sell out very quickly every year.

If you are interested in coaching Carnarvon Basketball, please contact

In 2018/19, Carnarvon Basketball had 8 teams (71 players) in U-11 and U-13 that played in the Victoria and District Amateur Basketball Association (V&DABA or Night League). 

2018/19 Carnarvon Basketball Teams:

DivisionTeamGame NightsPractice NightPractice TimePractice LocationsSpaces Available?
U-11FirecrackersThurs, FriTuesday6-7pmBraefootFull
U-11Cherry Bomb SquadThurs, FriMonday6-7pmCampus ViewFull
U-11CapitalsThurs, FriMonday7-8pmQuadraFull
U-11KangaroosThurs, FriTuesday6:30-7:30pmOaklandsFull
U-11RocketsThurs, FriTuesday 6-7pmQuadraFull
U-13PenguinsTues, FriThursday6-7pmOaklandsFull
U-13StormTues, FriWednesday6-7pmSir James DouglasFull
U-13CometsTues, FriMonday6-7pmBraefootFull

History of Carnarvon Basketball - In 2017/18, Carnarvon Basketball was created to provide female players with an equal opportunity to play Night League Basketball.  The pilot season resulted in 5 teams (44 players) at the U-11 and U-13 level.  In 2018/19, the program grew to 8 teams (71 players) at the U-11 and U-13 level.  Planning is currently underway to develop limited off-season and supplemental skills-development programs for players that still enable players to be in involved in multiple sports.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Carnarvon Ball Club is a 100% parent-run, all volunteer, community-based, non-profit organization. We are not a company; we are simply a group of busy parents who volunteer together to provide sports opportunities for our kids.  Parent coaches and team coordinators are required for each team. All parents are expected to score keep for their team and support the Club in some capacity - as needed. While we understand that your time is limited, so is ours. Carnarvon Basketball is a great fit for families who want to give their kids a chance to play Night League Basketball AND who are also willing to volunteer - just a little.There is no volunteer opt-out fee option offered for Carnarvon Basketball.

What is Night League basketball?

Night League is a non-profit organization which has run a community basketball league in Victoria since before 1934 ( Coaches are usually parent volunteers and games are refereed by one to two certified officials from the Victoria Basketball Officials Association. The games at U-11 are 4v4 and the games at U-13 to U-18 are 5v5. Whether the teams are recreational or highly competitive, Night League adjusts the tiers often so teams can play other teams at their own skill-level and have a great time.

Night League only accepts team registrations with coaches already in place, and this is why Carnarvon is involved. To support individual players or small groups who want to play, Carnarvon accepts individual registrations, creates teams, arranges for uniforms and books gym times for practices.

Carnarvon Basketball teams need volunteer parent coaches in order to proceed to team registration. Carnarvon does not provide paid coaching services, so please volunteer to coach and we will make it as easy as possible for you by handling much of the administration. Female coaches are strongly encouraged to coach with Carnarvon Basketball.

How much does it cost? Is funding available?

In 2018/19, the registration fees were: early bird 255, regular 260 and the late 280. The fee includes the Night League team fee (which includes gym rental for games, gym supervisor, game director and referee wages, and V&DABA administration costs), the team practice gym rental fee, equipment costs and a Carnarvon administration fee. 

A reversible jersey is provided by Carnarvon, which must be returned at the end of the season.  Each player will need to provide a Jersey Deposit Cheque to their coach BEFORE they receive a jersey.

Individual equipment such as the rest of the uniform (white T-shirts and long black basketball shorts), basketball shoes (recommended), warm-up hoodies/shirts, warm-up pants, large water bottles (32 oz), etc. are the players' responsibility.

Carnarvon Basketball programs are eligible for KidSport funding. See for details on how to apply.

When does the season start/end?

The Night League Basketball season generally runs from late September to early March, with a 2-3 week break over Winter Holidays. The U-11 season is slightly shorter, ending in late February. Night League games start the week after Thanksgiving and are scheduled by Night League. 


How many times per week?

Night League is offered twice a week.  Each team has one game and one practice per week.  

When and where are the games?

Game schedules are posted on the Night League website.


When and where are the practices?

Night League does not release available practice slots to Carnarvon until September. 

How many players per team?

  • U-11 teams usually have 8 players 
  • U-13 teams usually have 10 players 
  • U-15 teams usually have 10-12 players

Can I make friend, coach or team requests?

Yes. Carnarvon will accept two friend requests per registration. We will try to accommodate friend requests or other requests, but no guarantees can be made. You can make your requests at the time of registration.  

Can I register an entire team with Carnarvon?

Yes. Subject to approval, you may register an entire team - as long as the team has parents willing to coach. Contact Lisa Rogers, at for details on how to register an entire team before any of your players register as individuals.

When can I register?

Registration periods for 2018/19 will be:

  • Early Bird - until June 30th
  • Regular - July 1st - July 31st
  • Late - Aug 1st - 16th  
  • Aug 16th and after - registration may be held open or a wait list may be taken depending on whether teams still need players

NOTE: Even if registration is closed when you try to register, please be sure to join the wait list if it is still open. If our wait list grows long enough, we will create more teams - especially if a wait listed player has a coach-parent.  We will also try to place players on teams with other Clubs in Victoria, if possible.  

Does Carnarvon provide uniforms?

Carnarvon provides players with a reversible mesh jersey, which must be returned at the end of the season. Players are also required to wear a plain white t-shirt under the jersey and plain long black basketball-style shorts (no logos or stripes etc).  

Players are required to wear the Carnarvon jersey, shorts and white T-shirt to games.  Coaches may require them to be worn at practices as well.

Each Fall, Carnarvon offers an online store to make it easier to purchase black basketball shorts, white T-shirts, basketball hoodies and other Spirit Wear/Fan apparel. 

Individual equipment such as the white T-shirt, long black basketball shorts, basketball shoes (recommended), warm-up hoodies/shirts, warm-up pants, large water bottles (32 oz), etc. are the players' responsibility to purchase.

NOTE: Each player will need to provide a 25 dollar Jersey Deposit Cheque to their coach BEFORE receiving a jersey.  The cheque is payable to Carnarvon Ball Club for post-dated for March 14, 2019.

Can boys register?

Carnarvon offers basketball registration for girls only. 

Bay Nation ( offers basketball registration for boys.  Bay Nation has no affiliation with Carnarvon Ball Club.  

If you are unable to register your son in Bay Nation for any reason, or you would prefer to register an entire boys team with Carnarvon, please contact

What is Carnarvon's refund policy for basketball?

A full refund, minus a 25 dollar administration fee, will be granted if e-mail notification of withdrawal is provided within 48 hours of the practice schedule release date. (The practice schedule is usually released in mid-September).

Between 48 hours and 7 days after the practice schedule release date, a 50 percent refund will be granted only if Carnarvon can find a replacement player for your team from the wait list, as prices have been based on a set number of players per team. 

No refunds will be given 8 or more days after the practice schedule release date, except for medical reasons.  A doctor's note must be provided.

No refunds or exchanges on Carnarvon Basketball Spirit Wear/ Fan Apparel at any time.

What are the volunteer positions?

Carnarvon Ball Club is a 100% parent-run, all volunteer, community-based, non-profit organization. We are not a company; we are simply a group of busy parents who volunteer together to provide sports opportunities for our kids.  

For each Basketball team, there are:

  • 3 Coaches (maximum)
  • 1 Team Coordinator 
  • All remaining families are expected to score keep in a rotation

For the Carnarvon Basketball program to run effectively, parents need to fill a few administrative jobs. All the volunteer positions have been divided so that they only require a small time commitment, but stepping-up to help will make a big difference to the kids and keep the program operating.  Plus, volunteering is really rewarding and fulfilling, especially when you know it's helping the kids. 

Families will be asked to Sign-Up for a Volunteer Position.  You will be sent an invite from Sign Up Genius after you register your player.  

To find out more information about these positions, please go to

Night League is also looking for volunteers and also has some paid positions (game supervisors, gym supervisors etc).  If you are interested in volunteering or working for Night League, please contact

Can I sponsor a team?

Carnarvon Basketball is seeking Corporate Sponsors for the program. Sponsorships of any amount are greatly appreciated and it all goes to the kids. 

If your company is interested in sponsoring a team, division or the entire program, please contact for more information.

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