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Schedule Management

Schedule Template for Coordinators

Scheduling teams and players is an important job for coordinators and coaches.

This page contains info on how to have your Spring or Fall Baseball program schedule published. Softball and Basketball will use a different process.

Coordinators - Creating the Schedule:

Many coordinators will be familiar with the process of creating a schedule for a team or an entire program.  Some programs have schedules for Carnarvon players only, like the mini-baseball programs (BlastBall and T-Ball) and some include players and teams from other parks, like 13U and 18U level play.

Regardless of level, each process is similar.  We create a spreadsheet of HOME and AWAY games and practices with times and dates, and we publish it to the LeagueApps tool.

Here are the steps we can follow.

  • Typically, for Spring Ball, the coordinator creates a schedule for games and practices for all teams in their program and puts it into an EXCEL template, although we will take anything with the correct info (in Excel format).
  • DOWNLOAD THE EXCEL TEMPLATE2019 Carnarvon Sample Schedule - For Import.xlsx 

In the Spreadsheet, we are looking for the following fields:

Home_Team, Away_Team, Date, Start_Time, End_Time, Location, Sub_Location, TYPE (Game or Practice), NOTES

  • For Team Names use Carnarvon1, Carnarvon2, Carnarvon3 as team names, and for opponents, examples might be GordonHead1, Triangle1, etc.  We will alter the team names later
  • Send the spreadsheet plus number of teams, coaches, and team names to the Website Administrator (David Godfrey)  at
  • When the schedule has been loaded, the Website Administrator will alert the program coordinator, who will then MOVE players into each team.
  • Also at the same time, we will add the coaches to the system for that team, and we ensure that this information is posted on the website too.
  • We will set the alert schedule in the LeagueApps tool for practices and games. (Email 1 day in advance, etc.) 

This is a new process for 2019, so please be patient, there will inevitably be hiccups.


If you have any questions, please email the Website Administrator  at

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